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Using a Fluorometer

Interested in buying a fluorometer? Before you decide which one it is going to be, here are a few facts and tips to help you decide what is important when to buy one. For instance, what applications have influence on your research? And what is the one that is easiest to use? In the end, you might be interested in what experts say and get to know the fluorometer that won Life Science Product of the Year 2017.

What does a fluorometer do?

When you are not that much into this world yet, it might be handy to hear what a fluorometer actually does. In short, it measures fluorescence, which is actually the light that is emitted by one object, that actually belongs to another object. The steps in which this light is analysed is as follows:

The object’s light is scanned, then it is formed into a sample, which then gets filtered. The remaining light is the emission, that goes through a detector and eventually the fluorometer delivers a basic plan that shows the present molecules.


The behaviour of fluorescence can be impacted by difference in application.

Ligand binding and conformational changes around a sample influence this.

With chelating dyes can be affected by calcium in a way that the fluorescence increase.

Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (or FRET) is the transportation of the light of one object to another, which absorbs its light, and therefore starts to emit its own light. These objects do this in different measures depending on the proximity.

A sample is thus very much influenced by a certain application. This is another factor that underlines the fact that a fluorometer one of the most complex devices to use.

Life Science Product of the Year

The Life Science Product of the Year 2017 is decided on reviews that are given by acknowledged professionals. The winner of this contest was spectrophotometer fluorometer DeNovix DS-11 FX+ by long distance. The comments that were made about this fluorometer mainly were that is simplified a lot of the advanced techniques, without losing any functionality, so it has made this a lot more accessible.