Liebherr wine cabinet at the lowest price?

A Liebherr wine cabinet is not the same as a wine fridge. Strictly formal Liebherr produces wine cabinets. A wine cabinet can do much more. There is a big issue, because in order to save and later to serve wine you have a wine cooler. Then, people go to a white goods supplier who happens to be awine fridge can sell. What are the problems you’ll wonder … Apart from the fact that you‘ve gone to the wrong shop for advice, because you are going to the vet if you want to know something about your abdominal pain.

Air humidity
When you have bottles with a cork closing, it is importanty that the humidity level is on. However how do you know what is the correct humidity and how will you measure this? All wine coolers have a fanor a lava stone recess. Cheaper cabinets don’t have this and there you can get a bowl of ‘ water ‘.When you buy a wine Cabinet at a specialist, such as Cave promoter, it will point you to the need fora hygrometer. It is advisable to have a digital hygrometer to purchase, because this does not need to be calibrated. When the humidity is low, there may be due to the shrinking of the air in your wine bottle corks. And what do you think of bacteria? All things that your wine negatively.

A wine should develop under optimal conditions and vibrations are harmful. Manufacturers do everything to make the wine cabinets with flicker-free compressors and silent mounting parts.However there are people around your wine Cabinet. By passing traffic in the street to you that a staircase goes up or one door closes. All ambient vibrations that have a negative effect on your wine.The solution Vibration Reduction Blocks. This can be ordered from the Cave promoter or get youincluded when you order a wine Cabinet through this internationally operating organization.

Air quality
The quality of the air enters your wine Cabinet is determined in Liebherr wine cabinets by an activecarbon filter. This removes all unpleasant smells from the air, but must be replaced annually in order to function properly. In practice, forgotten people that have purchased this always a wine Cabinet.Therefore, the Filter Alert Service … This ensures that the owner of the wine Cabinet gets an annualalert that it is time to replace the filter. The customer pays and is automatically sent to the appropriate filter.HistoryYou might be wondering how it is that Cave promoter so much involved in the wine preservation. The roots of Cave promoter are located in the world of wine at Wine promoter. All employees of Cavepromoter are also wine specialist.

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A Liebherr wine cabinet you buy at

Liebherr wine cabinet is what real wine lovers in the UK type when they want to have a Liebherr wine cabinet. Specially when it comes to serving and storing wine in one cabinet. Liebherr has developed the Vinidor-range for this requirements. Since people are moving from the country side to the city storing of wine becomes more and more difficult. First of all most appartments don’t have a wine cellar. Storing wine in your garage or cupboard isn’t a great solution. The wines are stored to hot or to cold, but never under the right surcomstances. So before buying a wine cabinet you should consult a wine specialist. A company selling wine cabinets through out Europe is Cavepromotor. 

All the employees are wine specialist and used to work for many years in the wine industry. There roots can be found at Wijnpromotor. Actually Cavepromotor started as a department of Wijnpromotor, but after years the focus of the Wijnpromotor employees changed to the wine cabinets. Therefor Cavepromotor developed Vibration Reduction Blocks. This became a unique selling point. You can buy a Liebherr wine cabinet form several suppliers connected to the Liebherr wine club. But if you want to have a descent advice including a vibration free way of storing, then you should put your wine cabinet on the Vibration Reduction Blocks. When loading the wine cabinet with your wines the whole cabinet sinks in the blocks. Because of this effect the blocks get their schock absorbing effect.

Another big issue is the humidity in the wine cabinet. When humidity is to low the cork will shrink. When it is to high you get mold on the bottels or the labels will blur. Even the glue of the labels will let loose. To manage the humidity you need to know what the humidity is. When buying a wine cabinet from Cavepromotor you will always receive a digital hydrometer. The hydrometer tells you pretty precise what the level of humidity is.

A Liebherr wine cabinet is having an Aktive Carbonfilter. The purpose of the filter is to clean the air that is coming into the wine cabinet. But you need to replace the filter every year. Most people forget so therefor Cavepromotor launched the Filter Alert Service. Every year the customer receives a message when it is time to replace the filter. Cavepromotor is always verry innovative and they ordered a German engineering company to develop a hydrometer with wifi. So when the humidity is to low, a message is send to the servicedesk of Cavepromotor. 

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