NBA 2K18 – MyTeam Clutch Closers Collection

Clutch Closers is an NBA 2K18 MyTeam collection that has amazing basketball players like Kevin Durant, Isaiah Thomas, and Al Harrington.

MyTeam collections are NBA 2K18 sets that introduce new cards to the game. Each collection has a theme. Collections can have any number of players. There are recurring collections such as the Historic collection that periodically adds new cards that represent NBA players from the past. Basketball fans have the chance to learn a lot of things about their favorite teams and NBA in general by following these collections. Clutch Closes is one of the latest sets. The theme of this set is performance under pressure. The players chosen for this collection are those who are known to make a difference and turn the odds.

There are some great diamond, amethyst, and ruby cards in this 11 players collection. John Havlicek, Kevin Durant, and Jerry West are the three diamond cards. Havlicek is one of the most popular Boston Celtics players and that’s why he was chosen to wear their jersey for this collection. Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City Thunder is a great player for offense. Nicknamed “Mr. Clutch”, Jerry West has good shooting. The four amethyst cards are Kawhi Leonard, Chauncey Billups, Isaiah Thomas, and James Worthy. Kawhi Leonard was named Defensive Player of the Year multiple times. Billups has great passing ability. Isaiah Thomas is a great option against enemy defenses. James Worthy has good athleticism and speed. The last three players are ruby. Andre Roberson is a player with good defense. Al Harrington from New York Knicks is specialized in offense. Ty Lawson has good speed.

Just like most NBA 2K18 collections, this one too comes with a prize for acquiring all cards or NBA 2K18 MT. The collection reward is none other than Hakeem Olajuwon. This is a diamond card. He is known for his game changing performance and for great defense. This card will turn out to be a great asset to any team so it’s completely worth to finish the collection. Hakeem Olajuwon’s card is not found in packs so players will need to collect all the other cards to obtain it.

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